Une fleur du mal (videtur) wrote in paris_gothique,
Une fleur du mal

Dr. Sketchy's and Burlesque in Paris- tomorrow night!

Just a reminder...

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is going on tomorrow at 8pm at the Bus Palladium, 6 rue Fontaine, Paris 9th.

This is a fabulous opportunity for artists to come and draw live models- only the live models are fabulous burlesque dancers in rhinestones and feathers! Don't miss it! This is the only art event of its kind in Paris. The drawing session is 10 euros, and artists should bring their own art supplies.

At 11 pm is the Gentry de Paris Burlesque Revue, the very best burlesque in France, starring some of the best existing international burlesque dancers. Two teams of beautiful dancers, blondes and brunettes, will be competing to win the evening!

The show is 20 euros at the door or 15 euros in advance on digitick.com or at the FNAC. (Participating in the drawing session also gives you entry to the show for 15 euros.) For more information: www.myspace.com/drsketchysaparis or email: drsketchysaparis@gmail.com

See you there!
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